Dr. Michel Schreiber Dr. Helen Schreiber
Specialists in holistic medicine
Family doctors for parents & children

Team and Practice

Dr. Michael Schreiber, physician, and Dr. Helen Schreiber, paediatrician, are both specialists with a solid training in teaching hospitals. Additional qualifications in holistic medicine and  many years' experience of treatment methods such as homoeopathy and Chinese medicine complement their specialist knowledge. The integration of natural medicine and conventional medicine is practised here.


Both doctors are active in the training of younger colleagues and have the required recognition for further education by the Medical Council. Their lectures and publications are known among colleagues at home and abroad. Patients often come for treatment from afar, sometimes also from another country.


Seminars for colleagues as well as information evenings for patients take place regularly in the practice (see “current news”). In the basement of the building are big lecture rooms available for such purposes.


The practice is situated in the idyllic small town of  Aystetten in the suburb of Augsburg, in the middle of the “Nature Park of the Western Woods”, 4 km. from the exit of the Motorway A8 from Munich to Stuttgart. The newly built clinic stands in a big garden surrounded by bamboos. The spacious, bright rooms give a pleasant atmosphere and encourage feelings of well-being. Our friendly nurses and staff greet you at the registration desk. They carry out the prescribed examinations and therapy for you in the laboratory and treatment rooms.