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Special Diagnostics


In the case of chronic complaints and complicated clinical pictures, the basic diagnostic findings are often not sufficient for defining the causes of the problems. For this purpose we have a series of special diagnostic methods available.


Among the many possible examination methods available today with modern machinery and in the laboratory, we list here the selected ones which in our experience deliver results which are most reliable and relevant for the treatment of chronic diseases.


Microbiological diagnostics evaluate the state of the intestinal flora which is fundamentally important for the immune system and the metabolism of the body. Blood values of vitamins and trace elements, and also hormone levels, reflect the supplies in the body for its functions. Deficiency of these important vital substances can be the cause of chronic complaints. Detailed tests for allergies and heavy metal poisoning give information about possible factors of disturbance which should be avoided or eliminated.


Most of these tests are unfortunately not covered by the national health insurance services. Patients insured within the national health scheme have to bear the costs of these tests themselves whereas private insurances usually reimburse such expenses.