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Microbiological Therapy


A disturbance of the gut flora is the cause of not only digestive problems and inflammatory  bowel diseases but also many other chronic illnesses in which the mucosa or the skin is involved. The latter category includes allergic diseases such as asthma, hay fever and  neurodermatitis, also rheumatoid arthritis and some autoimmune disorders. “Bowel cleansing” - bringing the gut flora back into healthy shape – is a concept known to a lot of lay people. We call this “Microbiological therapy”, i.e. treating diseases or better preventing the outbreak of diseases using microbes or bacteria which have health stimulating functions and abilities. The result is a stabilisation of the “boundary surfaces” of our body between the outside and inside milieu.



“Probiotics” ( from Greek = for life) are microbial preparations which work towards an improvement of the mucosal immune system, the internal and external milieu and the boundary surfaces between them. Antibiotics, in contrary, kill the disease causing agents and take the work off the body, so to say. Probiotics get rid of hostile bacteria by strengthening the defence system of one's own  body. Physiologic bacteria (alive or prepared) or parts of them are applied as stimulants for the Immune flora (defence flora): Enterokokken and E. Coli,  as well as  other living germs of the protective flora: Bifido- and Lactobacillei for stabilisation of the milieu. As a result of this therapy  the natural strength of defence and the state of immune reaction in the body return to normal. There is also improvement in metabolic functions in taking up vital substances we need and disposing of  waste materials.


The effects of microbiological therapy is based on a change of the milieu at the bowel mucosal membrane (regulation of the pH), the nourishment of the enterocytes with nutrients and the modulation of the flora. An additional mechanism of action is the regulatory effect of microorganisms on the mucosa immune system.


Microbiological therapy is not a “quick shot” but rather a long term strengthening of the self healing power of the body. As long term treatment for chronic diseases it should be applied over many months. It works through a training effect on the immune system and the metabolism of the whole body, the success of which needs time.  However, the first improvements of symptoms of the bowels, e.g. the consistence and smell of the stools, show rather soon after the beginning of treatment.


Moreover, the Autovaccine is a special treatment possibility.“Auto vaccine” means, word by word, immunising with the body's own material. This is produced individually for the patient and contains components of the walls of infectious agents or bacteria from the patient's own bowel flora. These are applied like an immunisation with the body's own material. Autovaccine can be given as injections, through oral intake or by rubbing onto the skin.


Arbeitskreis für Mikrobiologische Therapie (AMT) www.AMT-Herborn.de

(Work Force for Microbiological therapy)

is the Society of experts in this field active in research and teaching.

Dr. Michael Schreiber is certified specialist active in the committee for scientific research of the Society.