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Ozone Therapy


Ozone is oxygen activated with energy. We use purest medical oxygen, add to it electrical energy with the help of a machine and so obtain ozone, energized oxygen, in an exact concentration which is continuously measured photometrically. For that, an extremely exact and reliable machine is necessary.




As ozone comes into contact with the body oxygen and energy are released again. The energy is given to

(1)   red blood cells which can release more Oxygen to all the cells of the body. This leads to a better function of the organs of the body which is the reason of its application in Happy Aging  medicine.

(2)   strengthen the immune system. Chronic infections recede faster, acute infections heal in a shorter time and susceptibility to infections would improve.

(3)   to strengthen the scavengers of radicals. Ozone treatment is the best possibility to stimulate the antioxidant agents of the body. Through this all inflammatory and aging processes are slowed down or prevented.


The exact biochemical processes which lead to these effects have meanwhile been extensively researched.  Increasing numbers of studies at different universities over the world have been published since the middle of the 90’s. It is fascinating to realize how much we can now support with scientific evidence what experts of ozone therapy since the 1930’s of the last century have always been teaching as evidence based medicine.  A comprehensive list of literature and books on the subject can be obtained from the International Ozone Association. www.ozone-association.com


Ozone, i.e. “active oxygen” as medication


Medical Ozone is always a mixture of purest Ozone (0.05 – 5%) and purest Oxygen.


Medical Ozone has a strong effect against bacteria, fungi and in inactivating viruses. For this reason it has a wide area of application in the disinfection of wounds, in treating fungal and mixed infections.


Its ability to activate the circulation is used in the treatment of circulatory problems and disturbances and in revitalization.


When used in low dosages, Ozone can mobilize the defense force of the body by activating the immune system. Immune cells respond to this activation from medical Ozone by producing specific messenger substances, the zytokins (such as Interferon or Interleukin) which inform the other immune cells and so initiate the whole cascade of immune response. In the case of poor immune state and immune deficiency of all types, the application of medical Ozone is thus  indicated for the activation of the immune system.


Small amounts of Ozone –  applied in the form of “Autohaemotherapy” ( treatment of blood with Ozone outside the body and immediate re-infusion) – activate the body’s anti-oxidant agents and scavengers of radicals





Indications for application:


-        Circulatory disturbances, also among elderly patients, cerebral circulatory problems, eye diseases, tinnitus

-        Blood sugar problems such as diabetes and its complications (e.g. poorly healing leg ulcers)

-        Virus infections such as Herpes, virus hepatitis

-         Acute infections and chronic susceptibility to infections

-        Inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis, morbus Crohn, Proctitis

-        Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosen

-        as activation of immune system for biological cancer treatment

-        Revitalization, Happy aging

-        Wound treatment:  wounds resulting from burns, injuries, complicated with infections, fungal infections, poorly healing leg ulcers

-        Skin problems such as itchiness, irritation and inflammation


Forms of application:

“major” autohemotherapy

“minor” autohemotherapy

rectal Ozone insufflation

injection in and around joints

injection at trigger points, acupuncture points and muscles

external treatments of wounds by flooding using a  plastic bag

skin treatment with Ozone water


Most of the insurance companies, both national and private, unfortunately still do not reimburse the costs for Ozone treatments, although its medical as well as economical advantages ( avoiding and shortening of hospital stays, saving costs of medication) have been evident and proven.


Dr. Michael Schreiber is Council member of the Specialist Society of Ozone Therapy and holds lectures and workshops regularly in Germany and other countries.

You can obtain additional information from:


German doctors' Society for Ozone Application

Nordring 8, D-76473 Iffezheim, Germany



and the Inernational Ozone Association




Interesting facts about Ozone


-        Ozone is one of the most important gases in the Stratosphere (10 to 15 km above the earth surface). Its maximum concentration up to 1 part Ozone to 100,000 part air (10 ppm) is reached in the Ozone sphere at the height of 20-30 km. The ozone layer filters the UV radiation with strong energy of the sun and thus protects the biological balance on earth from destruction through hard UV radiation. With destruction of the Ozone layer (“Ozone hole”) this filtering and protective effect against UV radiation is reduced.

-        Because it is relatively simple to measure its concentration exactly,  Ozone serves as an indicator ( not the cause) of environmental pollution e.g. smog, which comes from nitrogen oxides.