Dr. Michel Schreiber Dr. Helen Schreiber
Specialists in holistic medicine
Family doctors for parents & children

Medical Services


Dr. Michael Schreiber works within the national health insurance system as a physician and family doctor. Patients of all age groups insured within the national health insurance system can register at our practice with the insurance card. This would cover the basic medical care through a family practitioner during the actual quarter of the year. Preventive examinations, check ups and treatments as well as homoeopathic prescriptions for acute illnesses belong to the national health insurance services and normally do not involve any extra cost.


Dr. Helen Schreiber is now only in private practice since July 2009, after 17 years of service in the national health insurance system as a paediatrician. Her main specialties are treatment of children and adolescents, classical homoeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and bio-identical hormone therapy, especially in the treatment of women and children.


Privately insured patients of all age groups can register with both doctors at any time. Most of the treatments with natural medicine are recognized by private insurances and the treatment costs are usually reimbursed.


However, because the national health insurances do not recognize natural medicine,  treatment methods such as Orthomolecular Medicine, TCM and homoeopathic constitutional therapy must be paid for by the patients themselves. The billing is made according to the “Code for doctors’ fees”, the same as for privately insured patients. The national health insurances usually do not reimburse these costs. We always explain to the patients about the costs involved before the start of such treatments.